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Yellow Class

Super trip to Forest Centre. Pond dipping, Bug hunt and Nature walk to the Bird hide.

School was 40 and we all had a party

Thank you to all the parents and carers that supported out Magic show and picnic. It was very enjoyable event. Video will be posted soon.

Magic show and Picnic

Our minature gardens.

Sun at Wrest Park. The roses smelt beautiful.

We learnt about Van Gogh and painted Sunflower pictures.

Planting our seeds and beans.

Wicksteed Outing


Dance Wiggle for Happy Days. Doing the Conga

Magic Club. Learning the rope trick.

We had 10 eggs delivered and kept them in an incubator. The first night 1 egg started to hatch. We called that chick Cluck Cluck.

The chicks. We hatched 9 chicks and watched them grow, we even got to handle them.

Look at the fantastic butterflies we made for our home challenge.

Our World

We are watching our caterpillars, they are growing bigger everyday. We are learning about the Butterfly lifecycle.

Looking at our caterpillars

Caterpillars have spun their cocoons and we are waiting for them to become butterflies.

Butterflies! We let them go in the playground. They were painted ladies and very pretty.

We made butterfly prints. We talked about half and symmetry.

Over the bank holiday Yellow class looked for natural objects.

We had ivy, a beautiful tulip, black shiny rocks, a rock from Loch Ness, pine cones, a smooth shell and bluebells brought in. Well done everyone.

The finish to our transport, "On the Move" topic. We saw nearly every type of transport at Shuttleworth. Some of the vehicles and planes were very old.

Children took pictures of boats at Priory Marina. Here are some of their photos.

Two children had a bus ride to Bedford and then had a drink in a cafe.

Yellow class began Magic club with Eugene the magician. This will help self confidence, self esteem and fine motor skills and was great fun! In week 1 we learnt the cup and ball trick.

Children are enjoying social play in different activities and building up their speaking skills.

As part of PHSE and transport topic the Police came to visit and showed us their Police car.


We count, add and work on shape. We love Maths games.

We made shape pictures of boats and folded the shapes to make halves.

In Maths we did measuring, we used steps, cubes and rulers.

Working on naming and looking at shape properties.

We learnt about repeating patterns and then tried to make them on Easter egg outlines.

We had a workshop with Ollie Heath working on Roald Dahl's poem Tummy Beast. It was great!

We had a fun time raising money for Comic Relief.

Church Visit to find out about Easter

We celebrated World Book Day on 5.3.15.

Everyone dressed up. Parents, carers and a governor came in to read and we listened to 20 stories in one day!



Spring Term 2015


Our new topic is, "On the Move" and will be all about transport.

We will be doing lots of exciting activities relating to  this topic.



The Big Red Bus story

Talk about buses.

We went to Hazard Alley and found out all about Road safety and safety in the home.

We read Who sank the boat ? Then we investigated floating and sinking. We found that most plastic things floated.

Then we tried to see how many little people we could put on a boat before it sank.

Visit from Road Safety Officer

DT work making buses and car garlands, working on scissor skills and choosing materials.

We have been working on the book The Journey Home from Grandpas.

We have looked at our houses on google and made a map to drive beebots on. We wrote the places we lived in too.

Then we tried to drive the beebot from school to our own house, some of us got very close.

We made a bus for our role play. We had fun painting it with rollers and brushes. Then we played bus journeys.

We worked together to make a road for our cars.

Group work was fun painting a road for our car pictures.

Today we made tracks with vehicles, it was very messy. Then we role played driving a bus.

Feb 2015 Working on handwriting.

19.1.15 Working hard on phonics, sounding, blending and trying to write words and sentences.

4.11.14 Working hard on our phonic and writing skills. Sound today was u


Today Yellow Class went to Wrest Park, it was a cold, windy day but we had a super time looking at statues and inside the beautiful house. The children loved the ceilings and the huge library.

Yellow class went to The Church of the Transfiguration in Kempston.

Reverend Bill kindly showed us all around the church.

The children lit candles, sang he's got the whole world in his hands and watched Reverend Bill perform a mock baptism, Yellow class decided to call the baby Penelope.

The highlight of the trip was dressing up !

Science Visit to Forest Centre Marston 19.9.14


As part of our time topic Yellow class went to look at the trees in the forest. They looked at the colours of the forest and found leaves to match the shapes on their worksheet.


There were some signs of Autumn, we found blackberries and Hawthorn berries but most of the trees were still green.

Science at The Forest Centre

Yellow class children are learning the parts of the tree. Here they are hugging the trunk. They looked right up to see branches and leaves. They know the trunk holds the tree up.

16.9.14 Yellow Class went to Cecil Higgins museum as part of their Time topic.

Everyone enjoyed a picnic at the museum and then

we did a workshop about Toys of the Past. Favourite toys were the spinning top, pull along duck and pop gun.