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Yellow Class

Ice cream time!

Seaside topic has been so much fun. Fish and chips at Brewers fayre and a seaside day ( See whole school actvities)

Africa week Making African curry. Drummer and African games. Finding Africa in atlas

                      New Topic  Summer 18   The Seaside

Beach trip Woburn Sands

History and traditions of Seaside, Seacreatures, Fun with sand.

Please look out some holiday photos of your child at the beach and send a copy to school or email them. Thank You

Our Books this term

Walking through the jungle.

Week beginning 26.3.18

Sounds recap  Sounds i,n m and blending. 

Maths - continue doubles. Shapes. Numicon.

Easter craft and cards

Swimming as usual

Thursday last day of term. Egg hunt.

Attention Autism Look how engaged the children are:-

Stage 2 Attention focus

Stage 3 Turn taking. Row row!

Selfies - Who are these animals?

Please start to make your Easter bonnets for 23.3.18

WB 12.3.18

Please email any weekend news.

Swimming Watch diaries. PE on Wednesday.

Science Frog lifecycles

Learning about the Easter story


Gp 1 Counting to 10.  shape

Gp 2 Ways to do addition. Measuring

Literacy Recap of sound   o  and oo  Word got. Making boo books. . Own initial and name writing. 






Visit from Teaching Talons

New Topic The Rainforest. We will be finding out what lives in the rainforest. We will do lots of Creative work and some of the class will write descriptive poems.

Snakes for rainforest

Making vines for rainforest

Messy mark making

Painting our rain forest.

Making vines

Christmas Performance. Everyone did so well.

Week Beginning 4.12.17


Monday- dress rehearsal and Christmas cooking.

Tuesday- Farm Santa visit

Wednesday- Some children to riding party and getting ready for Fete . Making games for our enterprise. PE

Thursday-Swimming gp . Christmas stories and craft

Friday- getting ready for fete and singing practice.





Week beginning 13.11.17

In cookery there was a lot of great weighing, sieving and mixing and the result was a yummy banana bread.

2 children enjoyed a bus trip to the bus station. Hopefully the last child will get to go next week.

We talked about keeping your hands to yourself and anti bullying week.

In Science we managed to make our bus have 36 decks of megablocks, then it got too wobbly and fell over! The other group managed 40 decks of duplo and measured the height as well.

We practiced our counting and sound recognition daily.

The highlight of the week was of course all the fun activities and cakes for Children in Need. Thank you everyone for your donations.

Week beginning 6.11.17

This week was the beginning of our bus trips. Children travelled to Bedford bus station on the public bus in groups of 3. Some of the children had not been on a bus before and were a bit scared to start with, but we all enjoyed watching the people get on and off and looking out of the windows.

We observed Remembrance day making poppy pictures and a wreath and having a 2 minute silence.

Mrs Stynes



First 2 Bus trips

Remembrance day Poppies

Halloween fun

Great planes made for homework

Week beginning 30th October


We all enjoyed the Spanish  music  concert on Tuesday afternoon singing and dancing along with the music.


We did a great job on Friday doing the whole school assembly about firework safety.






Children walked to Sainsbury's carrying out a traffic survey on the way. There were too many cars to count and we spotted vans, lorries and bikes.

In Sainsburys we had a chance to use money to buy a drink and snack.

We also had a chance to spend money at the Post 16 tea room-lovely cakes.


Well done everyone. Planes were fantastic. We tested them out outside and measured how far they flew. Winners will be announced later in the week as we still have 1 to test.


This week we enjoyed a production of Beauty and the Beast on Thursday.


This week we made super boat pizzas in cooking, car pictures in Art. and fbegun to find out about old transport. Some children used the touchscreen to build a bus and count cars and others labelled old and new vehicles.We worked hard counting and some children worked on adding and played Maths games.

Group 1 worked on the sound o and markmaking. Group 2 worked on beautiful name writing and learning to read and write transport words.

We are making sure we are active everyday. This week we have done PE games,swum, played ring games and bat and ball, we did  Let's move dance and ran around the playground.

Nicola played her vioin for us and we joined in songs with percusion instruments and actions.

We built up our soclal play skills building duplo and car tracks in small groups. Some children enjoyed bucket therapy to build up their attention skills and we used toys and pens to build up our fine motor skills.

As we worked so hard on Friday we relaxed in the sensory room and did Golden time clubs.where we mixed with other Primary children.



Super week with Sports and harvest. It was lovely to see so many parents.  I am sorry that we did not manage to swim this week. Swimming will be back for everybody next week. In class we have had some fun with a harvest guessing game and role playing shopping.  

Sports Day- Thank you to parents for supporting this event.

Week beginning 18.9.17 Fruit cars

Autumn walk

Jeans for Genes

We want to learn to write like a teacher!

Our new topic is Transport.

 Swimming,  please check diaries. PE will be on Wednesday- shorts and t shirt please plus plimsolls if your child can wear them.

Please remember coats in case it cools down.

Thanks for all the family photos. News can also be emailed to share with the class on Mondays.


Harvest Fortnight

HARVEST FESTIVAL AND MCMILLIAN COFFEE MORNING 10am Friday   Looking forward to seeing parents/carers

Sports Day Tuesday - Field events from 10.30 and races in the afternoon. Please join us for some or all of the day.

We will use the apples we picked in cookery this week.  We continue to learn about harvest and seasonal changes.

Stories - Jaspers beanstalk, Jack and beanstalk and Oliver's vegetables.

Sound work. Optimusic. Writing and mark making.

Money, recognising coins and Maths in cooking.

RE- Harvest festivals.

Swimming, PE , dance, action rhymes- let's be fit!


Jane Stynes


We are good at ICT . Some of us used the touchscreen and others made car pictures using a Purple Mash programme.

We have been working hard mark making, making words and learning numbers.

Science this term is about experimenting. We began by finding out which cars went furthest down the ramp. This was fun! We decided some cars did not go well because they had broken wheels or were too heavy.

Turn taking is an important skill to learn. We work on this with games and sharing toys..

We have been lucky to get some new Optimusic equipment and have used this to make transport puzzles.

We work in groups for our DT lessons. One group have been making boat and car pictures.