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Yellow Class

Week beginning 18.7.16  


Monday-  Transition  morning -welcome to new yellow children. Finish DT projects 

Tuesday- Sports day-Athletics stadium

Wednesday- PE pm

Thursday- Social games and Physio trikes pm

Friday  Last day fun . Leavers assembly END OF YEAR 


Have a good holiday see you all in September


Look we grew potatoes and lettuces, 3 of our girls cooked the potatoes and washed the lettuce and we had a tasty snack.

Some children have gone to Centre Parcs the rest of the class enjoyed a scavenger hunt, walk , play and picnic at the Forest Centre.

Fun at the Farm-we even got to see a calf being born.

Theatre Group performed Wind in the Willows- it was excellent, two of our class were in the performance and we all got to sing.

We have been excited to see our seeds and plants growing. We have potatoes, tomatoes, beans , lettuces, corn, strawberries and carrots growing.

Look at our beautiful world pictures we drew on the computer.

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations. We all dressed up smart, had a street party with fish and chips and a crown parade.

Whipsnade zoo. Thank you Kids Out /Rotary. We survived a lion charge , good job there are glass walls.

Buttons Ramsey. Lovely trees. Lots of green. We matched leaves and hunted for flowers and did some drawing.

Having fun with the Morris Dancers

Topic Summer Term

Food and Farming


Get ready to grow your own food. Find out what plants need to grow and visit the farm to see the farm animals.

Everything is growing well. We have new raised beds and have sown carrots and planted the beans, sweetcorn and lettuce out.

Growing. We have planted potatoes, strawberries and beans.

Our Cress grew and we measured how tall it was.

We made it into egg and cress sandwiches-yummy

Two of our boys went to lunch and played draughts with two boys at Husborne Crawley school. All the boys played very well .

Our Maths work has included shape, ordering and counting.

We started to make repeating patterns, can you work out which shapes would be next in these patterns?

Using ICT to learn counting , ordering and numeral forming .

We have been learning about the Jewish faith. Making a star of David fitted in well with our shape work.

Clay Modelling in DT

Easter fun. We had lots of fun with our magic and Easter hat parade. Thank you parents for supporting this.

Trip to Sainsburys looking at Healthy food and choosing a healthy drink but sometimes not such a healthy snack.We found fish, vegetables, fruit, cheese and a healthy lunch for Mary.

Sports Relief



Literacy-We will read and write some Easter words.


Science will be a walk to Sainsburys  to look at Healthy food and have a drink.



Our lovely assembly about Valentines Day. We sang and danced and did a little sketch about St Valentine.

Pancake day, we made pancakes, ate them and some of our class did pancake races.

Learning Magic Tricks with Eugene at Magic Club Week 1 Cup and Ball trick. Week 2 Rope trick

First time on a horse!

20.1.16 We are learning about our senses. This week we investigated using our sight

Using our sight. Making camouflage pictures. Cn you spot the animals?

Learning about parts of our body . Painting with feet, hands and elbows.

Using playdough to add parts to Funnybones pictures.

Washing dolls and naming body parts.

We love Maths in Yellow Class . We use number rhymes to count and role play shops with real money. Now we are working hard to write numbers.

Learning the Year 2016

PHSE Road Safety

We had a super golden time in Soft play.

We went Carol singing down one of our children's roads. It was a super experience and everyone enjoyed it. Next week we sing to some old people.

Making Christmas mats, a good chance to practice our cutting skills.

Decorating the Class tree

1.12.15 What a start to December! We had a fantastic day at Mead Open Farm. Children stroked the rabbits, fed the lambs and then went to Christmas Kingdom.

We saw a 3d film wearing the special glasses and then went to see Santa in his amazing kingdom. Children got a magic token and went to choose a present in the toyshop.

Next we all had a play in Shaggy's barn, some of us were very brave going down the big slides.

13.11.15 Today was Children in Need day. First we made Pudsey's.

Then we tried out our activity, it was a sensory treasure hunt finding coins in jelly, rice pudding, custard and baked beans. It was fun.

After lots of fun, cake , sweets and using up all our money we entered 4 children in the Talent show. The Yellow choir sang London's burning and all won a medal.


We went to Addison Park to look at Autumn colours and squirrels preparing for Winter. We used a colour chart to match Autumn colours and a tally chart for squirrels.

We then counted up number of squirrels seen, 1 child made it 46, but we think they counted some several times.


We even did a minutes silence in the park at 11 O'Clock

A parent has been fostering hedgehogs, she brought Hebe and Huddle to see us, we found out all about them.



Please make sure PE kit is in school for Wednesday, it will be returned at the end of term for a wash .

Some children will be swimming on Tuesday.



Our topic is Famous People and Festivals. We have worked on Sukkot ( Jewish festival) and ourselves as famous people.  We had fun with Halloween and found out about Florence Nightingale .

Now we are learning about Diwali and Remembrance day.

Working hard in Maths

Bonfire and firework pictures

We had fun making pumpkins for Halloween, reading stories, dressing up and pretending to make spells.

Florence Nightingale was known as the Lady of the Lamp. We made lanterns and role played nurses.

Our assembly was about what we want to be when we grow up and become famous. Some governors came to watch. Thank you for coming.

RE We built a Sukkah for the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Then had fun role playing in it and learning about Jewish artefacts used for Sabbat.

A great piece of sewing. Designed by the child.

Well done everyone who found a picture of a famous person for homework task. Do you know who these people are?

Poetry Day

Making our 'I can --' leaves for our tree.

We read a book ,'When I grow up' and thought what we would like to be famous for......

A famous dancer.

Famous policemen arresting people. Or a famous jockey!

Even a famous wizard, fairy or superhero!

Science outing to Buttons Ramsey . We loooked at Autumn fruit (apples) and the changing colours of Autumn.

Working hard in Maths to master number bonds to 10.

Letter tracing on Ipad

Harvest Festival. We sang a song based on the Enormous turnip. Great fun!

Following the Harvest assembly we raised money for Mc Millan by having a coffee morning and enjoyed lots of cakes.

28.9.15 Eat Your peas We listened to the story and then made pictures with peas. Can you guess what they are?

A Tiger came to Tea, he ate everything!

28.9 Monochrome printing. ( Black and White)

Trying to draw a still life picture like Monet.

25.9.15 Some of us enjoyed a walk to look for signs of Autumn. We found some leaves had changed colour and even fallen off the trees. We saw blackberries and got conkers out of their cases. On the way we passed some lovely gardens and the allotments.

17.9.15  Today we went outside looking at the trees and hunted for leaves. We found green, brown, yellow, small, big, long, curled and even nibbled leaves. We are going to watch what happens to the trees in our playground as Autumn arrives.

17.9.15 Science- Autumn

ICT watching the bubbles and listening to sounds on touchscreen.

We listened to music by Handel, it was Handel's Water music.  We made wave patterns to this music using fabric.

Then we made a seascape using wet paper, blue paint and salt.


Next we tried to draw waves with felt pen and used touchscreen to draw wave patterns.

Look how well we did.

Trying new techniques and making wave patterns.

The next week we added fish.

Art Painting in style of Georges Seurat ( Pointillism)

Some children made playdough, it came out well, now we can use it for modelling .

10.9.15 Sensory singing session , enjoyed by a mix of Blue and Yellow Children.

Looking at Fish and tortoise.