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Who's Who

The management of the school is led by Head Teacher,  Andrew Munday and Deputy Head Teacher,  Helen Roy.


The School Business Manager is Joyce Webb. The office staff are: Alison Page and Jane Allen


Caterlink staff are currently in charge of our school kitchen and lunchtime play time, supported by a team of midday assistants.


Specialist Resources and Support




Working alongside the teaching and child care staff is a group of other professionals whose input is vital for the development of our pupils.  These professionals include:  physiotherapists, occupational therapists (OTs), school nurses, Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) and assistant, and music therapist.


Each specialist works in close co-operation with parents and the rest of the team, in order to ensure continuity of management, both at home and school.

Specialist rooms are provided for all these Health Authority services.  Each acts as part of a multidisciplinary team with teachers and child care staff and other visiting professionals to provide individual programmes and initiate group or class-based activities.

The Nurses


The Nurses are responsible for the health needs of all pupils at Ridgeway.  The nurse is a link between home, school and the health services.

Within the school team, the nurse offers personal counselling and support to pupils and their families, whilst encouraging pupils to consider their health and independence needs in relation to their disabilities and daily living.


Speech and Language Therapy


The Speech and Language therapist and assistant have a special therapy room but also work within the classrooms with selected groups or individual children.  Many of the pupils in school have communication difficulties and they are offered a variety of high-tech (communication or digital talkers) or low-tech (communication books) as appropriate to their level of need.  The SaLT team work closely with class staff to enable therapy to continue during lessons and activities, and not just in therapy sessions.

Meet the Education staff

Head Teacher

Andrew Munday


Deputy Head Teacher

Helen Roy


Primary Department

Head of Primary Department

Sally Feihn


Red Class


Class teacher: Erin McCarthy


Nursery Nurse: Jeannette Rinaldi


Teaching Assistants:  Mandy Pullinger, Kathy Wiggins, Disneyis Bailey  


Green Class


Class Teacher : Kerry Clark


Nursery Nurses: Donna Law Hing Choy and Helen McGrath


Teaching Assistants: Sandra Harding, Amanda Panter, Sally Rowe,Glenn Taylor,Nicola Gurnhill, Punam Sangar


Yellow Class


Class teacher: Hailey Turner


Level 3 Teaching Assistant: Louise Atkinson


Teaching Assistants: Mary Beddall, Rozee Rahman, Vanessa Austin,  Patience Hobday, Lisa Murphy


Blue Class


Class teachers: Sally Feihn 


Nursery Nurse: Sharon Ward


Teaching Assistants: Tina O'Connor, Susie Eardley ,Daniella Simpson,Paul Rodger,


Silver Class ( Mixed Primary/Secondary)


 Class teachers: Rachel Lalor


Nursery Nurses: Trish Smith, Gemma Teji


Teaching Assistants: Sherry Eastwood, Nadia Harris, Donna Maisey, Kayleigh Payne


Secondary Department

Head of Secondary Department

Faye Turner


Orange Class


Class teacher: Faye Turner


Level 3 Teaching Assistant: Charlene Stewart


Teaching Assistants:   Elaine Barratt, Hayley Brown, Donna Johnston, Jeanette Umney, Sarah Thompson


Purple Class


Class teacher: Lulu Stanier- Martin


Nursery Nurses: Carole Connolly, Caroline Moore


Teaching Assistants: Mary Mingay,  Anne Perri, Kath Walker, Ann Denton


Communicator: Serena Pattison


Post 16


Coordinator: Michelle Jacques

Lower Post 16


Teacher: Penny Turner


Nursery Nurse: Diane O'Connor


Teaching Assistants: Chris Babbington, Carly Wood, Bilal Jilani, 


Educational Communicator: Alison Sargent 


Upper Post 16


Teacher: Michelle Jacques


Nursery Nurses: Nicky Cope, Carolyn Taylor


Teaching Assistants: Joe Lalor, Lorraine Gurnhill, Dawn Smith


Subject Coordinators


English: Lulu Stanier - Martin

Maths: Kerry Clark


Science: Rachel Lalor

PSHE: Sally Feihn

Humanities: Erin McCathy

French: Rachel Francis

RE: Rachel Francis

PE: Andrew Munday

ICT: Faye Turner

Music: Penny Turner

DT: Rachel Lalor

Early Years: Helen Roy

SENCO: Andrew Munday

Educational Visits : Andrew Munday

Outreach: Hailey Turner

Designated teacher for LAC: Sally Feihn

MFL, RE, Food Tech: Rachel Francis

Pupil Premium co-ordinator: Helen Roy

Pupil Premium 1:1 support:/Y7 Catch Up: Ann Martin



Speech and Language Therapy


Speech and Language therapist:

Currently vacant


Speech and language communications assistant:
April Warman


Private Independent Speech therapist:

Rachel Duncan