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Purple Class

 During lockdown the weeds in the polytunnel took over and we could hardly get through the entrance.  Purple Class have been digging out the weeds and tidying up the polytunnel over the last four weeks.  This week we finally started planting broad beans, lettuces and onions along with larkspur and calendula for the raised beds and in the polytunnel.  We plan to plant more after halfterm and are looking forward to seeing our produce and flowers.

Gardening/Polytunnel Overhaul

Post lockdown polytunnel
Post lockdown polytunnel
Tidying up the polytunnel
Digging trenches for the seeds
Preparing the soil for seeds
Planting the lettuce seeds
Planting the broadbeans
Covering the seeds

Soap Experiment

Soap Experiment

This week Purple Class have done an experiment to see why it is important to use soap to clean our hands and not just water.  We dipped a finger into a bowl of pepper floating in water, when we did this nothing happened except that the pepper stuck to our finger.  We then added a drop of liquid soap to our finger and again dipped it again into the pepper and water.  Immediately the pepper was repelled to the sides of the bowl by the action of the soap.  This demonstrated how important it is to use soap when cleaning our hands!

Purple Class Topic Day off to a Flying Start!

On Wednesday we all designed our own paper aeroplanes.  We had a competition with Orange Class to see whose plane went the furthest.  Well done to Andre for his plane, which reached a distance of 7.5 metres!  Later in the week we also designed tissue paper gliders and tried to see if we could make them go further.

Paper Aeroplanes and Gliders