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Purple Class

Parents - the website NCETM (National Centre Excellence in Teaching Mathematics) has some lessons on multiplication with videos on step by step teaching. 


Week commencing 20th April - There are five lessons on 2s, 5s and 10s times tables.

  • Lesson 1 Build the concept of units of 2 and count the number of groups of 2
  • Lesson 2 Count in twos and count on from a multiple of 2
  • Lesson 3 Build the concept of units of 10 and count in tens
  • Lesson 4 Count on from a multiple of 10 and identify the number of tens in a multiple of 10
  • Lesson 5 Build the concept of units of 5, count in fives and count on from a multiple of 5

Week commencing 27th April there are lessons on money and coins

  • Lesson 6 Introduction of money and the 1p coin
  • Lesson 7 Introduction and comparison of 2p, 5p and 10p coins
  • Lesson 8 Consider the value of 2p, 5p and 10p coins
  • Lesson 9 Consider the value of a set of 2p coins
  • Lesson 10 Consider the value of a set of 5p coins and a set of 10p coins.


Chocolate Easter Nests

Welcome to Purple Class Web Page

Here are some additional websites that will help you with your learning. 


The Children’s University of Manchester   

This website covers all areas of learning and is also great for your general knowledge.  Check out the page on Ancient Egypt and the section on Exercise.


Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl have lots of free e-books to support reading at home, as well as helping to teach English and Maths topics.  You will need to create a login.



This website has lot of maths activities to support almost any area of maths we have looked or any of your targets.


BBC Bitesize

This website covers lots of areas of learning from history to English and science.  We use this website a lot when in school.


Phonics Play

This website is great for learning phonic sounds.  It also has a section for learning spelling rules and grammar.  It is currently free whilst pupils are at home.


Don’t forget Newsround on CBBC

This week Purple Class received a letter asking them to solve a mystery from a football coach. The neighbouring football team have been stealing their tactics and then winning the cup for the last five years. He wanted their advice as to how they might be doing this. Purple Class did some investigation and discovered that periscopes were being used. They discovered that the neighbouring team were using reflections in mirrors to see over fences. Purple Class have made their own periscopes to prove this and show how you can see round corners and over heights. Finally they wrote back to the coach explaining their findings and some solutions.

Science Mystery!

Purple Breakfast Club - this term we have been practising preparing breakfast: hot drinks, toast, cereal and now scrambled eggs.

Tennis at Riverside - lots of fun with head coach Neil improving tennis skills!

Anglo-Saxons at the Higgins Museum - Purple Class investigated Anglo-Saxons relics and artefacts from the local area of Bedford to reinforce our learning in the classroom.

Purple Class have been working really hard on their Halloween themed animations!

Check them out below!

Animation 1

Still image for this video
Watch out for the spider eating at the end!!

Animation 2

Still image for this video
There's a brilliant music track and sound effects in this animation!

Animation 3

Still image for this video
Magical dancing spiders .... what more could you want at Halloween!

Animation 4

Still image for this video
Watch out for the floating pumpkins!

Halloween Party - Purple Class had a spooky, spectacular Bake Off, Pumpkin Carving Competition, dressing up games and disco!

Lots of fun was had at the Science Fair organised by Purple Class! We had lots of activities to teach about the power of magnets, the strength of different magnets and which coins are magnetic.

Hello Yellow! Today as part of World Mental Health Day we wrote on stars to say kind things about each other in Purple Class.

Science - Magnets and Magic. We have been studying friction and how magnets work. Look out for photographs of our Science Fair coming up !

Purple Class have been busy gardening, planting pansies and vegetables for the spring!