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Primary Archive: 2014-2015


Last week of term. Children who are moving up will make some visits to new classes . Topic work will be completed with some stories and a minibeast hunt.

Yellow and Blue Classes will also do some fun Maths activities together, hopefully outside.


It has been a great year and we all hope everyone has a fantastic Summer break.

In ICT we have been making pictures that move using the computer!!

Primary Classes have been making some amazing pictures in ICT.

Check out our underwater pictures and our firework pictures.

We have been using different effects and changing the brush size!


Well done everyone!

ICT pictures

Canal boat residential trip

Canal boat

P2 Trip to Forest centre


Bird bingo Bug hunt Picnic and Play

Science Day

Zoo lab visit

Here are some pictures and videos of the Chemistry (bouncing balls activity) and Engineering (egg houses) taken during our Science Day.

P2 were Champion egg house builders

Did the borax mixture work?

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Primary 3 ICT: Programming

For the next lesson the children were taught how to use Beebots and had great fun exploring ideas for routes.
The next week, the children added obstacles to their routes, and worked out algrithms to make sure that their Beebots did not knock into an obstacle or fall off the table.  The children were encouraged to change their algorithms if they didn't work first time.  Here are some clips videoed during the lesson.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Primary 3 have continued with their work on Control and Programming.  They have made boats which they have attached to the beebots - making Bee-boats!

We looked at maps of the world and worked out which was sea and which was land, and identified some countries.

The children had to navigate their bee-boats from one country to another, but they had to stay on the sea (not always successfully!!)

Look at some of our video clips.  The children are great at communicating their routes.


Still image for this video

Communicating a route

Still image for this video

Did the directions work?

Still image for this video

How did this one work out?

Still image for this video


Full, empty, more, less, litres

Summer 14

Topic- The Commonwealth

Painting Zambian flags

African masks

Painted and bead patterns for hair


We thought about Zambian animals as pets.

No, they are too big!

Then we looked at pets.

This is Mo the school tortoise.

We gave him a bath and found out what he ate.

Mrs Lawlor brought Mimi her pet dog to visit P2. it was very exciting. We fed her treats, threw her ball for her and gave her a brush.



P2 use a variety of switches or a mouse to access computer programmes


Making playdough c and k

Tracing letters using Ipads

Trying hard to write 

Maths work


Fishing and Matching numbers to 10

Golden Time

If we work hard all week we get Golden time and choose our favourite activities.


Still image for this video
As a joint Literacy and ICT module, Primary 2 and 3 are working on Clicker 5.  Some children are unable to use a mouse and use alternative access solutions.  One way is to use head switches like one of the children in the video.  He uses one switch to scan, and the other to select.  He is able to be totally independent and can work through a grid set with minimal support.