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Orange Class

Welcome back to a new term.  Summer 2021
Jane Stynes is Class teacher. ( Faye Turner on Maternity leave) Charlene Stewart Level 3

Paul is joining our class team of Teaching assistants comprising of Nessa, Ann, Donna and Jeanette.

Let's hope it is a sunny term with chance to get plenty of growing done outside.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Summer 2021

Red nose fun.

We read the book Mad about Pizza and decided to become Pizza sellers. We began by designing our Pizza boxes.

We learnt about Roman soldiers and did a Marching drill.

Some of the class are making Roman shields

There are some beautiful, old buildings in Rome.

Inspired by the Italan buildings in Rome

A great pyramid structure

Plus Pisa

We learnt about boats, the Italian boats in Venice are called gondolas.

We made our own boats and found out if they could float or sink.

Orange class began their Italian Adventure. Some students at home and some at school but we are learning together on zoom. We had a story about George and the Pizza and followed this by drawing our own pizzas using Purple Mash To paint programme.

Jane made pizza on zoom, we counted, doubled and added to find out the number of ingredients. Now we are going to do some cooking ourselves and work on our number skills.

How many mushrooms and pepper pieces can you see?

We found out about Italian food and tried to knot spaghetti. The fun continued with threading onto spaghetti.

lasagne. We did lots of doubling as Jane made a lasagne. Lizzie counted and recognised numerals to make her pizza.

Lizzie wrote an acrostic poem using the word Pasta

Children in Need Day Activities - Lots of fun had by all!

We listened to the story of Icarus and Daedalus and found out how about how Icarus burnt his wings from flying too close to the sun.  After listening to the story, we made our own class wings.  We then wore the wings and practised flying our kite we had also made.

For our kite designs we looked at lots of different designs of kites from around the world and when they were invented in China.  We then designed our own individual kite using coloured geometric shapes.  Finally using our designs, we created our kites using a range of materials and patterns.

Icarus Wings and Kite Design

Welcome to Orange Class!!

It has been so wonderful to see everyone back in school and ready for a new term together!


Our topic this term is

Up, Up and Away!!



Click on the document below for an overview of our learning this term.