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Orange Class

Orange Class have been making our own instruments from junk materials in music lessons.  

We dressed as rock stars to show off our wonderful creations.  Can you recognise us?

Summer Term 2016

Our Topic is .....


The SecreGarden!

Calling all Orange Class!


If you would like to go on the Purple Mash website when you are at home just click on the picture below and put your login details in!!

Orange Class are working really hard to tell the time.

If you would like the play STOP THE CLOCK at home, just click on the picture of the clock go to the website!

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


Orange Class Trip to

The Swiss Garden at Shuttlewoth



First we played BENCH BINGO!

Then we used picture clues to find different places on the map!

In the afternoon we followed the sculpture trail....

Everyone had a great day!

Still image for this video

Have a read of our Herb Riddles - can you guess the herb?

After our trip to the local garden centre, we needed to plant everything we bought!

Today we planted 

  • Peas
  • Tomatoes
  • Broad Beans
  • Cucamelons
  • Strawberries
  • Sweet-peas and Cosmos flowers


Take a look at our pictures below...

Orange Class Gardening 16.5.16

Orange class took a trip to the local garden centre.


We are going to grow some food to eat and some flowers to look at and smell!!


Each group had a shopping list and a budget of £20. We had to calculate how much our items cost so we didn't over spend!!


Spring Term 2016

Our Topic is....

Italian Adventure


Here are some photographs of our learning so far this term....

Orange Class went to Pizza Express to learn about making Pizzas! We made some of our own and even got to eat our creations!!

We are learning about character descriptions and so we completed some drama activities and transformed ourselves into different characters!! We were looking at how we could change our body and facial expression to match the characters.


Can you guess who is a Big Bad Wolf .... Grumpy Old Man ..... Posh King and Queen?

Photographs from our Drama session

Orange Class' Character description about ourselves.


We are learning to describe characters and are starting by describing ourselves.

We had to describe what we look like, what we sound like, what we like to do and our personality. 

Here is Finn's Character Description

Here is Sebi's character description!

We went to the Roman Museum in St Albans or 'Verulamium'

Here is Hasan's recount of our trip to the Verulamium.

Literacy in Orange Class


We are learning about instructions and today we had to follow a set of instructions to make an Italian Pizza!! Here are the photos of how we got on!



After we read the instructions and made the pizza we had to write our own set!! Here is how we got on!

Here are Ema's instructions for making a pizza!

Spring Term Breakfast Club!


This focus of this term's Breakfast Club is to support the students in learning about time, as well as counting, matching, adding and subtracting. 

Spring Term Breakfast Club!

   Up, Up and


This term's topic is about all things flying!!



Orange Class were really lucky this week because Sebi and his parent's brought in his collection on helicopters and drones. 


It was brilliant fun watching them fly and Sebi's parents were kind enough to let us fly them too!!


Flying helicopters and drones!!

Flying the helicopters

Still image for this video

We are learning all about Kites from around the world and this week we made some Japanese Koi Carp Kites! Orange class worked hard using wax crayons and paint to decorate their kites to look like fish scales!


It was both sunny and windy so we went outside to test them in the wind

Our Japanese Koi Carp Kites!!

Breakfast Club!!



Every Friday morning, Orange class have Breakfast Club. This is a chance to practise using money in a functional way and develop some life skills. We have to work out the price of our breakfast, choose the correct coins and make our breakfast - deciding how many bowls, cups, spoons are needed. And after all that hard work we get to eat!!

Here we are working hard at Breakfast Club!

Orange class have had a busy start to the term and have begun to investigate and make some Chinese kites! It wasn't very windy today so we improvised and tried them out using our wind machine! Take a look at Orange Class' fabulous kites...