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At Ridgeway School we are lucky to have a lot of opportunities for music making.  On a weekly basis we have 2 professional musicians Mark and Nicola who come into school and offer a mixture of 1:1 instrument tuition, small group work and whole class sessions.  Nicola is a violinist and Mark a pianist/keyboard player.  Music in the secondary department is delivered by the school's music subject lead.  Whole school singing and signing assemblies are held weekly and each class has the opportunity to help lead the assembly is signing our chosen songs for that week.  The school is also fortunate to have a set of music ipads with plenty of exciting apps allowing all students to explore and have control over their music making and a lovely and well resourced music room.  Once a week the school orchestra meets for a mixture of small group, 1:1 and whole orchestra sessions supported by Jess from the Beds Borough Music Hub who comes into school several times a term.  Singing and signing club offers students a chance to practice their signing skills and sing along to their favourite music tracks and is run by the school's two educational communicators once a week.  Music also forms a big part of whole school assemblies, Christmas plays and productions and termly talent shows in secondary and Post 16.  We  host regular productions and concerts throughout the year supported by charities such as 'Live Music Now'.  The school also participates in the Bedfordshire Music and Drama Festival Special Schools Day once a year and for the first time this year the Bedford Music Hubs 'Play Day'.

Ridgeway School Orchestra

Over the past year the school has been working alongside Beds Borough Music Hub and an Organisation called Open Orchestras which aims to set up inclusive school orchestras in SEND settings.  Our orchestra has been supported on a weekly basis by a professional musician for the Music Hub.  The students have learnt a wide range of contemporary, classical and experimental music and performed in whole school assemblies and at the Bedfordshire Music and Drama Festival Special Schools Day and the Music Hub 'Play Day'.  Students have a mixture of 1:1, small group and whole orchestra sessions and are encouraged to explore playing a wide range of instruments from ukuleles to ipads.

For the next few weeks we are hosting Ben, Monica and Chris who are delivering sessions on using music technology apps on ipads.  So far we have completed 2 of our 6 days and a wonderful music making time has been had by all involved.  We've had the opportunity to use lots of exciting music making apps and work together to create some epic music!