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Lower P16

Students in post 16 have been working with Full House Theatre to create a performance at Wardown House Museum. They worked extremely hard to create an amazing piece about the mystery of the missing painting. Tune in the BBC three counties radio at 6pm this evening to hear an interview with one of the directors.

Full House Theatre joined Post 16 for the day to begin their rehearsals for their end of year performance.

Celebrating the Royal Wedding with an afternoon tea and game of croquet (with a twist!)

Post 16 Exhibition 2018 - students were very proud of their work on show to visitors

Students had a great time working with a local artist. They were able to design, make and decorate their own bird masks.

Lower Post 16 had a great day exploring the book Alice In Wonderland. We read the story, watched clips from the film and had our own tea party.

Weekly shopping trip- students have been visiting local supermarkets to purchase their ingredients for their Life Skills cooking sessions.

Christmas shopping- students had a lovely time travelling on the public bus into Bedford Town. They enjoyed shopping together, they were able to choose and buy their own presents.

Students were given £10 from school to buy themselves a Christmas present, they were very pleased with their purchases.

Lifes Skills: students have been learning about personal safety in the home. We enjoyed making jam tarts and mince pies - remembering and following the rules for keeping ourselves safe using an oven.

Central Bedfordshire College

Children in need- Lower Post 16 created a mad barber shop and guess the baby photos.

Students took part in a role play shop. They had to chose an item to buy, select the correct coins and decide if they needed change.

Shuttleworth College- students have been working hard learning how to take care of various animals.

Students took part in an obstacle race in PE