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Lower P16

We held our usual end of term Talent Show.  As ever we were amazed by the skills of our students.  From Greek dancing, to singing, to playing a range of instruments, everyone was a winner!  Fantastic as everyone was we did have to choose an overall winner which was Jo for her wonderful dancing skills.

Have a peaceful Christmas from all in Lower Post 16.

It's Christmas Party time!!

Our certificate from Keech Hospice to say 'Thank you' for raising £50 from the sale of our Halloween Treat Bags.

We enjoyed Christmas dinner cooked by the wonderful Laura and Emma in the kitchen.  Thank you so much it was delicious. smiley

Children in Need 2020

Lower and Upper Post 16 joined together for a fab day of fun and fundraising for an excellent cause.  We played Pudsey Bingo, joined in with Joe Wicks 24 hour PE challenge, did 'Hunt the Pudsey' outside and took part in quizzes about famous bears, crazy ways of raising money (filling your underwear with mashed potato for a day anyone?!) and the history of Children in Need.  Who knows what colour the original Pudsey Bear was (clue - not yellow!) or what year CIN started?  Thank you to everyone for the very generous donations.

As part of our Environmental Awareness Entry Pathway qualification we have been looking at how to help animals in the UK that are endangered.  The students researched how to set up a hedgehog house including using a compass to find out which way was North so that they made sure the entrance to the house was facing in the opposite direction.  Now we are just hoping for a hedgehog to move in!

Halloween fun!

A huge 'THANK YOU' to everyone who supported our Halloween Treat Bag enterprise project.  We raised just over £50 which will be donated to a local charity.

Putting together our Halloween Treat Bags for our Enterprise project.  Some of us packed the bags after first making sure that the table and our hands were extremely clean.  Some of us made the labels on the laptops.  A real team effort!  We have yet to decide which local charity will benefit from our project but will be sure to let everyone know when we do.. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us.

We have been taking self portraits and altering them on the iPads for our Entry Pathway photography work.  See if you can recognise who's who!

Lower Post 16 are making Halloween treat bags for their enterprise project this term.  All profits will go to a local charity so please support us!