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Lower P16

Whole school picnic and afternoon entertainment.

Sporty fun with water balloons!


Lower Post 16 have been celebrating Sports Week with Welly Wanging and a Mr Motivator exercise class wearing our home made bandanas.

Lower and Upper Post 16 had an amazing time at the 2021 Prom.

A big thank you to everyone who supported us in our car wash and raffle fundraising efforts last week.  We raised nearly £80 for improving the school environment which is amazing!

Well done to all the students in Lower Post 16 for completing a challenging but fun 2 week NCS programme.  You were all amazing. smiley

Also thank you to Carrie, Yasmina and Matt for all your help over the past 2 weeks.

Lower Post 16 took part in a litter pick.  We have been learning about the damage litter can do to animals and the environment and we found all sorts of things when we were walking around the school grounds.  We were very careful to wear gloves and not touch anything sharp or that we were unsure of.  Actually we found that our school grounds are incredibly tidy and we thought that most of the rubbish we found had probably been blown there by the wind.

As part of our NCS programme we have been planning ways to help the wider community.  As we're a bit limited at the moment we decided that by improving our school grounds we could also help the bio diversity of the surrounding area so this week we have been designing wildlife areas.  Obviously there is some cost to setting up these areas so we have also been finding ways to fundraise.  One great idea that the students had was to wash staff cars for a small fee.  They did an amazing job and some of them could definitely set up their own car washing business when they get a little older!

Another fabulous day at Caldecotte Lakes, climbing, zorbing, bush craft skills, eating and power boating.

Lower and Upper Post 16 had an amazing time at Caldecotte Lakes today paddle boarding and climbing as part of our 2 week NCS programme.

In Lower Post 16 we have adopted a turtle from the WWF.  This is going to cost us £6 a month so we need to raise some money.  We are going to be having a 'Guess the Name of the Turtle' competition.  It will be £1 to enter and the winner gets £10.   Turtles are endangered and need our help because:

They are getting caught in plastic and fishing nets.

The sea is getting too warm for them to live in.

The coral they like to feed from is not doing very well because of the warm seas.


If we don't help the turtles they could become extinct.


Here are some interesting facts about turtles:

Turtles don't have teeth.

Out of every 1000 turtles hatched only 1 will grow up to be an adult.

World Turtle Day is held every year on the 23rd of May.

Turtles are reptiles the same as tortoises, lizards, crocodiles and snakes.

Baby turtles are called Hatchlings.

Lower Post 16 have been taking part in a careers workshop helping them to develop the skills and knowledge to be successful in the workplace.  Today was the final session in which students took part in a short mock interview.  Many of them dressed the part, wearing their smartest interview outfits and all of them performed brilliantly.  Well done everyone.

For our photography studies we also made our own photo stories on the theme of 'Superheroes'.  We created a superhero, wrote storyboards with text and images, took our own photos then presented our stories on film for our whole class assembly.  Many of our superheroes had fantastic powers which enabled them to help our environment and save the planet which is something we're always thinking about in Lower Post 16.

As part of our Entry Pathway Photography studies we have been looking at famous portrait photographers including:

Annie Liebovitz

Mario Testino

David Bailey

Richard Avedon

Lee Miller


We chose our favourite images from each photographer and created our own photomontages.

Upper and Lower Post 16 joined together to celebrate Red Nose Day 2021 and have fun whilst raising money for a fabulous cause.  We made Superhero masks, had a red nose hunt, played 'Pingball' (with blue ping pong balls instead of red as someone at Amazon sent the wrong colour!), had a red nose quiz and lots of other things besides.

For World Book Day the staff and students in Lower Post 16 have been sharing books in some unusual ways and places.  Take a look at our photos to see who's been reading where!

As part of our preparation for our Entry Pathway Art module on 3D Design we've been creating indoor and outdoor 3D sculptures.

Some of the students in Lower Post 16 made a Garden Xylophone.  They used empty jars filled with a range of different natural materials.   Lots of experimentation occurred to make sure each jar was tuned to the correct note!  Jars were then partially buried in the ground and then played.


Still image for this video

All of Post 16 joined together today for a Valentine's Day themed quiz run by Di.  We started off with some yoga moves just to warm our brains up and then shared our ideas of what love means to each of us.


Love is......

Woody the dog

My Granddad

My family


Being loved back

Being happy


My cat

Like a toothache - it doesn't show up on X-rays but you know it's there

My boyfriend


My dad Ron

Being happy and giving flowers

Being kind

My dogs

Giving friends hugs


Aren't Post 16 a lovely lot?!

Lower Post 16 have been having weekly Zoom quizzes on a range of different themes.  Each week the students have amazed me with their brilliant questions and I have learnt so much!  This week (beginning 8th February) everyone was asked to come up with  a couple of questions on crazy, bizarre or just interesting facts.  Here are a selection:


Jo - Sloths can hold their breath for 40 minutes.  True or false?


Brooke - The letter 'a' is worth 4 points in the game of Scrabble.  True or false?


Heather - Bubbles keep your bathwater warm for longer.  True or false?


Zack - Which animal feeds it's babies poo as soon as they are born?

a - Rats

b - Koala Bears

c - Orangutangs


Lene - A duck's quack doesn't echo.  True or false?


Natasha - A lion's roar can be heard up to 8km away.  True or false?


Di - It's impossible to hum while you're holding your nose.  True or false


Nathan - All the sheep in Barbados have black bellies.  True or false?


Bill - If you go into Google and type in the search bar 'Do a barrel roll', does your screen do a barrel roll?


Chris - There is a McDonalds in every continent except America.  True or false?


Carly - Coca Cola was the first soft drink in space.  True or false?


Penny - The length of your foot is the same as the distance from your elbow to your wrist.  True or false?

As part of their Art lessons Lower Post 16 students in school have been making dragons for Chinese New Year.

So far this term some of Post 16 have been in school and some learning at home.  We meet daily on Zoom for a range of activities, quizzes, games, mindfulness sessions, classical music concerts and well-being exercise classes.

Our overall topic is 'Environmental Awareness' but we've also been thinking about what's happening in the news as well as developing our life skills.

Don't forget to check out our assembly on the website all about well-being and keeping healthy.

We held our usual end of term Talent Show.  As ever we were amazed by the skills of our students.  From Greek dancing, to singing, to playing a range of instruments, everyone was a winner!  Fantastic as everyone was we did have to choose an overall winner which was Jo for her wonderful dancing skills.

Have a peaceful Christmas from all in Lower Post 16.

It's Christmas Party time!!

Our certificate from Keech Hospice to say 'Thank you' for raising £50 from the sale of our Halloween Treat Bags.

We enjoyed Christmas dinner cooked by the wonderful Laura and Emma in the kitchen.  Thank you so much it was delicious. smiley

Children in Need 2020

Lower and Upper Post 16 joined together for a fab day of fun and fundraising for an excellent cause.  We played Pudsey Bingo, joined in with Joe Wicks 24 hour PE challenge, did 'Hunt the Pudsey' outside and took part in quizzes about famous bears, crazy ways of raising money (filling your underwear with mashed potato for a day anyone?!) and the history of Children in Need.  Who knows what colour the original Pudsey Bear was (clue - not yellow!) or what year CIN started?  Thank you to everyone for the very generous donations.

As part of our Environmental Awareness Entry Pathway qualification we have been looking at how to help animals in the UK that are endangered.  The students researched how to set up a hedgehog house including using a compass to find out which way was North so that they made sure the entrance to the house was facing in the opposite direction.  Now we are just hoping for a hedgehog to move in!

Halloween fun!

A huge 'THANK YOU' to everyone who supported our Halloween Treat Bag enterprise project.  We raised just over £50 which will be donated to a local charity.

Putting together our Halloween Treat Bags for our Enterprise project.  Some of us packed the bags after first making sure that the table and our hands were extremely clean.  Some of us made the labels on the laptops.  A real team effort!  We have yet to decide which local charity will benefit from our project but will be sure to let everyone know when we do.. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us.

We have been taking self portraits and altering them on the iPads for our Entry Pathway photography work.  See if you can recognise who's who!

Lower Post 16 are making Halloween treat bags for their enterprise project this term.  All profits will go to a local charity so please support us!