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Eco Schools

April 2021


Hello everyone and welcome to our brand new Eco Schools page! 

We are very excited to announce that here at Ridgeway School we have just started our journey towards becoming a fully fledged, Green Flag owning Eco School (we have no flag pole but Mrs Roy has promised us that once we have our Green Flag she will buy us one smiley)!  We are currently working towards the first stage of the programme which is our Bronze Award and to help us with this we have formed the first ever Ridgeway School Eco-committee who met for the first time last Friday.  As time goes on we plan to expand our committee but at the moment we are a small but perfectly formed group!

Please meet our Eco-committee.

We will be updating our web page regularly with news of our activities.

In our first meeting last week we decided that as the committee members have such an important and responsible role we needed some badges so Annie and Scott are in the process of designing them.

We also carried out an Environmental Review of our school with a little help from the students in Lower Post 16.  This has helped us to identify areas in which we are doing well but also areas where we could be doing better and need more work such as 'Marine Life' and 'Water Usage'.


Our next steps are:

  • To set up an Eco Schools display board in school to keep everyone up to date with our activities
  • Contact people by email to make them aware of what we are doing
  • Organise a competition for students to design eco posters
  • Decide on our first three Eco-Schools topics from a choice of 10 that we would like to focus on
  • Develop an action plan to show how we will cover these topics
  • Have another meeting (which is a good thing because our meetings are short, fun and we may plan some refreshments)! 
  • SAVE THE PLANET smiley yes


Our lovely new lanyards!

In our meeting this week we wrote an email which will be sent to a whole range of people introducing ourselves and our aims.

We also finalised our initial three areas of focus which are energy, recycling and litter.

Time flies so fast in our meetings that we've had to arrange to meet again next Friday to discuss our action plan and next steps.

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone smiley.


The Eco Committee have completed our action plan.  We have decided to focus on saving energy, recycling and litter.   Some of the committee have already taken part in a litter pick around school.  Although we found quite a few pieces of litter the good news is that our school seems to be very tidy!


Amazing news!!  The hard work of Ridgeway School Eco Committee means that we have achieved our first award!  A bronze certificate.  Well done everyone.  Fantastic work!