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Early Years Archive: 2014-2015

Summer 2015

Some of Red Class went to Sports at Bedford Arena

Red class went to Emberton Park

This half term we will be reading the story of The Very Busy Spider

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Mr Masood from Eastenders came to visit us. He is the uncle of Rohin in post 16.

During the Summer Term our topic will be 'All around us'. We will be basing a lot of our work on the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Spring 2015

We have been learning about boats this week.

We hope all the mummies like their Mother's Day chocolates!

Red Nose Day in Red Class

Our topic this term will be 'On the move.'

Our book this week is 'That's not my truck'

For world book day we all dressed up. The staff were vehicles taken from the books that we have been reading.

We have a new ball pool in our classroom. We are having lots of fun in it and it helps us to learn the colour names.

Our book for the next two weeks is: 'That's not my plane.'

Our next book is " That's not my train .."

Our next vehicle is the car. Our book for the next two weeks is : "That's not my car."

We have enjoyed lots of activities involving vehicles.

The first vehicle we will be learning about is the bus.

We will be reading 'The Big Red Bus Story'

We have a pretend bus in our classroom. We have been driving the bus.

Party Fun


We enjoyed our Christmas party, we played games and Santa gave us all presents.

We went to see Father Christmas in Milton Keynes

We made reindeer food and wrapping paper to help Father Christmas.

Children in Need
We use ICT to support our learning and to help us with communication.

We use ICT every day.

We are learning to play together. It is important for us to learn to share and take turns. 

Playing together.

Blue and Yellow class invited us to their Teddy Bear party. We all brought a teddy in from home. It was great fun.

Teddy Bears

We loved the owls!
On National Poetry Day we sorted out the kitchen pans! We played along to the Quentin Blake poem.

Dong, Dang, Bong, Ting,Tang, Bing,Bang, Clang,Ding.....

In the Harvest Assembly Red class acted out the song '10 Red Apples hanging on a tree'. Everyone joined in well.

Tayyab and Joe love bubbles!

We have been exploring the Optimusic equipment. We like the animal noises.