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Blue Class

12th July - Wimpole Farm. We had such a wonderful end of term trip. The sun shone and everyone had a great day. We saw animals, had a picnic, practised our milking techniques and had a walk around the beautiful gardens.

12th May We made some fantastic Ugly Bug pictures today. After 'painting' our shape with glue, we poured over lots of salt. We then used a pipette to drop on some food colouring. We loved watching the colours spread and mix!

12th May Today we found out how bees help to pollinate flowers. We had lots of fun!

5th May. Creepy Crawly fun! We carried out an experiment to see what type of environment woodlice like the best!

Using natural materials to make minibeasts

Enjoying the sunshine (31st March 2017)

Easter Fun

17th March 2017 Where the Wild Things Are Dance Workshop. Blue class really enjoyed learning how to retell the story of 'Where the Wild Things Are' in dance.

10th March. Blue class really do love science experiments. Today we have been finding out about friction. We placed different materials at the bottom of the ramp to see which were best at stopping the car. Some pupils were able to measure the distance traveled and to make predictions about how far the car would go!

9th March 2017. In maths we are learning about weights. Some children are using balance scales to compare the weights of different objects. Others are using digital scales to weigh items around the classroom in grams.

8.3.17 We have been learning about Christenings. We each had a turn to Christen a baby.

World Book Day (2nd March 2017). We had a lot of fun dressing up as our favourite characters. We read the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' and did lots of activities including writing a class poem about what we do when we feel WILD, making monster masks and monster feet!

24th February. Super proud of the whole of Blue Class. Not only did they write and illustrate their own book, they acted out the story in front of the whole school and were absolutely FABULOUS.

3rd February. We continued to find out about toys that move by air by making balloon hovercrafts!

We had such a wonderful time at Bedford Museum, finding out about toys from the past. We had lots of opportunities to play with games and toys and everyone had great fun!

27th January. We had lots of fun in science making balloon rockets. We experimented with different shaped balloons, different straws and different amounts of air to see which travelled the furthest.

25th January. As part of our RE topic on Special Places we visited the Gurdwara in Kempston. We had a look at the Diwan room and saw shrine for the Guru Granth Sahib. We were treated to a lovely snack in the Langar and were given the opportunity to try some traditional sweets.

18th January. In RE we learnt about Wudu. This is the special washing ritual performed by Muslims before they pray.

In science we are learning about how different toys move (air, clockwork, batteries, push / pull).

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday. The children obviously had a wonderful break and have come back full of stories of their Christmas celebrations. Our topic this term is Toys. If any children would like to bring in a toy to show the class (maybe a favourite Christmas present) it would be great! We will be finding out about how different toys work (wind up, battery, remote control, wind etc) and also looking at the history of toys. Maybe you have some of YOUR old toys at home you would be willing to let us borrow?

We all had a wonderful time at the Christmas party. Everyone looked great in their party clothes and we were lucky enough to have a very special visitor!!

14th December. Staff and pupils all enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner followed by a fabulous magic show! We LOVE Christmas!

Our wonderful nativity. We are so proud of all the pupils who worked really hard and looked fabulous. What STARS!

8th December. We went to Milton Keynes to see Dick Whittington. Everyone had a great day - OH YES WE DID!

Christmas crafts and cooking!!

30th November. We had a wonderful day in Milton Keynes. The children bought Christmas presents for their families, visited Father Christmas and had a lovely lunch at John Lewis.

24th November. In Maths we have been learning about telling the time!

18th November. We had a SPOTACULAR time raising money for Children in Need.

17th November. We had a special 'Outdoor Literacy' lesson today. Unfortunately it was raining though so we had to do it inside!!! A lady called Jane came in to do some activities with us based on the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We had a lot of fun making props and scenery and acting out the story.

11th November. Blue Class Assembly was all about Remembrance Sunday. The children made beautiful poppy pictures and read the poem 'The Inquisitive Child'. At the end of the assembly we invited all classes to lay a poppy wreath on our 'Cenotaph'. Everyone worked so hard - it was beautiful.

October - What a beautiful day for a walk around Marston Vale. We enjoyed looking at all the beautiful Autumn colours.

October Science: We have been learning about waterproof materials. We covered boxes in different types of material and hid a tissue inside. We 'watered' the boxes. If the tissue was dry, we knew the material was waterproof. We had a lot of fun doing this experiment! We used the results to help us design and make a waterproof cape for a doll!

October 2016. In Maths we have been learning about symmetry. We used mirrors to find the line of symmetry in different pictures.

In art we have been learning about colour mixing. We started with the lightest colour and gradually added a darker colour.

30th September. We had a fantastic time preparing for and performing our Harvest Samba. All the children in Blue Class signed the chorus of the song beautifully and they enjoyed dancing with our 'Harvest Helpers'!

September 2016. Our literacy topic this term is Traditional Fairy Tales. We've had a lot of fun making puppets and acting out the story of The Three Little Pigs.

September 2016. We have been using balance scales in our Maths lesson to weigh objects and to compare the weight of two different items.

September 2016. In DT we have been designing and making Fairy Gardens. We are very proud of our work!