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Aims and Ethos

Ridgeway School: Vision Statement, Aims and Mission

“Where every child can achieve”


Our vision is to enable every individual to realise their potential, for their voice to be recognised and valued, to have a positive  role in their community and to live life as fully and independently as possible.


To achieve our vision, our aims are to:

  • Create an inclusive caring and nurturing environment that welcomes all and praises all achievements, progress and success.
  • Enable our children and young people to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence that will result in them  living as full, interesting and independent lives as possible.
  • Enable all children to make decisions and choices, regardless of age, ability, physical or learning difficulty, communicating through whatever means appropriate and to achieve their own levels of independence, interdependency or self-advocacy.
  • Create an exciting, challenging, stimulating and purposeful learning environment, where all needs are met, and pupils can safely enjoy and actively take part in their own learning.
  • Grow confidence and motivation through the promotion of physical and emotional well-being.
  • Develop respect for others, through providing a wide range of spiritual, moral and cultural experiences and opportunities in an environment where diversity is embraced, valued and celebrated.
  • Listen, acknowledge and respect every pupil voice and every contribution.
  • Foster positive partnerships between pupils, staff, parents, governors and other members of our community, all working together to promote the greatest possible opportunities for personalised learning and progress.
  • Adopt a child-centred approach which is undertaken by a team of multi- professional people including teachers, Nursery Nurses and Teaching Assistants, nurses, social workers and therapists.  

Our Mission is to:

  • Ensure our pupils are always the focus and at the centre of every action.
  • Provide a welcoming environment with a nurturing approach that responds effectively to the needs of all individuals and their families.
  • Maximise every opportunity to support pupil progress and achievement
  • Teach and care for pupils to help them learn and develop in an environment that is appropriate to their individual needs.
  • Work together for the common goals of our school.
  • Provide all staff with both essential and progressive training and development opportunities to enable and enhance effective practice.
  • Act as a centre and a resource for equipment, expertise and training for local schools
  • Work within the wider community to enhance and promote the worth of young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities