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Aims and Ethos



Our Aims:


1.  To develop and enhance pupils’ knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding, enabling them to reach their full potential and take control of their lives.

 2.  To enable individuals to enter the world, after formal education, as active members of their communities, achieving as much independence as possible.

 These aims are met by creating an environment that is challenging and stimulating, where pupils are actively involved in their own learning.  The pupils, staff, parents and governors work together in a positive partnership to promote the greatest possible opportunities for learning and to make progress.  At Ridgeway we want each pupil to be willing to strive for success but, at the same time, be realistic about his/ her abilities.

 At Ridgeway School we look at the whole person, planning programmes to meet the intellectual, social, physical and emotional needs of each pupil.  These needs are most effectively met by adopting a child-centred approach which is undertaken by a team of professional people including teachers, nurses, social workers and therapists.  Each professional makes a special contribution, and all are united in the common purpose of supporting the pupil in the pursuit of the greatest possible independence.



The Ethos of the School

 Our culture has:  

·         An expectation that, regardless of age, ability and physical difficulties, each pupil will move towards the highest level of independence in thought and action; 

·         A climate in which a positive self-image can flourish.  This is underpinned by values of positive self-worth, optimism and tolerance;  

·         A purposeful and challenging environment;  

·         The development of self-advocacy in all our pupils.


Our collaboration is characterised by:  

·         A multi-disciplinary approach involving parents, teachers, nursery nurses, support staff, therapists, psychologists, medical staff and other appropriate support agencies; 

·         Inclusion programmes that allow the movement of pupils between appropriate educational environments.


Our community involves:

·         A partnership with parents, close relatives and carers at school and in the home; 

·         Local schools with Ridgeway acting as a centre and a resource for equipment, expertise and training; 

·         An involvement in the environment beyond the school, to enhance the worth of young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in the community.