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This week

Week beginning 18th February 

Half term news

Literacy Story- Rosies hat continued wind rhymes and making large movements with chalk.

Working on Mindfulness activities daily-pebble focus, dance massage and Cd relaxation 

Learning to say and recognise s,a , t  and I sounds, focus on i with initial letter recognition, igloo, insect. Starting to put sounds together to make sit and sat

writing/tracing own sounds

Counting and numicon recognition, number songs, numeral recognition ( addition for small group)

Sensory circuits for 4 children

Physio programme and physical play ( 2 children)

Cafe  role play with 1p and 10p

Attention Autism Bucket therapy moving to stage 4-independent activity

ICT- Music Ipads  and colouring/drawing programmes

RE- Spring and New life

PHSE-  Road crossing in the community.

PE-games, balance bikes for 3 children

MUSIC-listening and response


wind , propellors

Golden time/Music Mark

Sensory story





Mrs Stynes