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Contact Ridgeway Governors

To contact the governing body of Ridgeway School please complete the contact form below. A member of the governing body will respond to your message.


Ridgeway School Governors 2016 - 17


Chair of Governors                            Karen Chase


Vice Chair                                           Bernard Crease


Staff Representative                          Jane Stynes

Acting Headteacher                           Helen Roy 


Parent Governors                               Jo Grummitt

                                                            Brad Dooley


Local Authority Governor                  Pat Olney


Co-opted Governors                          Karen Chase                                                              


Clerk to the governors                       Jane Allen

Ridgeway School Governing Body- 2016-17


The Governing Body at Ridgeway School has always played a supportive and committed role, ensuring that the school meets all of its responsibilities. These include:

  • A strategic role setting the general direction of the school, looking at how it should develop and grow
  • A critical friend, working with the Headteacher and other senior staff to provide support and challenge.
  • Accountability- monitoring the financial progress of the school and approving annual budgets.

There are 9 members of the governing body (plus the Headteacher) who attend 6 meetings throughout the year. Meetings are focused on both business and strategy and allow members to work together on current issues as well as developing new policies for the future. There is a wide variety of skills amongst the governors who include parents, staff, community and co-opted members.

As well as attending full governing body meetings each member attends one (or more) of the sub-committee groups that meet specifically to discuss finance, premises, personnel and curriculum issues.

One of the most rewarding aspects of a governor’s role is to visit the school during the day to monitor the work of the school and observe the children and work alongside the staff.



Here is some information which will help you to learn more about our governing body.